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Nemo - Latin - Neuter Noun - English Translation: No one; Nobody

Sum - Latin - 1st Person Singular Present Tense Verb - English Translation: I am


        My name is simultaneously a statement of humility and defiance.  My purpose is to convey deep feelings through my poetry to provoke catharsis and reassure others that they need not feel alone in struggling with difficult emotions.  My aim is to be an active part of a thriving community of artists and lovers of the arts.

Exclusiion Zone.jpg

Into the Exclusion Zone

        Into the Exclusion Zone is my first book of poetry.  It is a collection of some of the most important of the poems that I wrote over the first year of writing as Nemo Sum.  The book is a journal of sorts as I pass from Crisis to Rebirth. I chose to hand write and scan in the hopes that it will bring the reader closer to the poems as they read them.  I was working on it to go to print in 2020, after the Quarantine, I have decided to make it available digitally. If you enjoy it, please consider donating.


The power of Nemo's poetry is showcased in this collection by his vulnerability, message, and resilience regarding his illness. These poems are the voice of the journey many in America face alone, but alone no more. The importance of continuing the conversation of mental health is dire, and Nemo does an outstanding job as a poet who is telling his journey. These poems will comfort, empower and show light for healing if you are in the dark.

-Shane Manier-

There's an audacity and responsibility we have as writers. Somewhere in its heartbeat, there's a thing called vulnerability. It's heavy and oft-times beyond fathom ...... BRAVO

-Jah Smalls-

This collection by Nemo Sum provides texture we’re not used to seeing in books of poetry; art matching the aesthetic of separate poems that run together into one long poem with its own arc. Nemo drops the reader into a battlefield where we are compelled to help ‘fight back the darkness.’ Into the Exclusion Zone is not only a compendium memorializing that fight but a signed and bound document, a promise to keep fighting, to always keep fighting. A bold and necessary work.

-Jay Ward-

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